Tibetan Treatment

Tibetan Massage

Tibetan massage (Ku-nye) is one of the most ancient therapies. It is very practical and effective methods to restore the energy and keep the body in balance. This massage is popularly used in Tibet by medical professionals in both urban and remote areas. A proper massage technique helps many physical and psychological problems whether they are caused by various physical disturbances or daily stress. It can be either strong or gentle based on client’s needs.

Back, Neck, Shoulders and Head Massage

These areas are connected with nervous system.  The treatment helps releasing tensions and strains. It is removes fatigue and exhaustion after work or travelling. We knead and gently press points, which are directly connected with hands, stomach, throat and adrenal gland. It will bring soothing calmness, which prevents stress and emotional problems.

Tibetan Digestive Massage

The treatment is ancient Tibetan healing system to provide solar energy for digestion and abdominal areas as kidneys, liver, intestines and stomach. We use very gentle massage with combination of Reiki and pressure points, which connect digestions. The therapy is very healthy and beneficial particularly after the age of 45.

Tibetan Pressure Points Massage

The Tibetan pressure points is an ancient art of healing, which uses special finger pressure on the body’s reflex points to awake a person’s self-curative abilities. When these reflex points are activated, blood circulation and the body’s life force are stimulated to aid healing. As the body’s healing energies realign, the energy can better flow to correct ailments and alleviate tension and stress. This is an effective way of relaxing and achieving balance in a calm and soothing environment.

Anti Stress Massage

The therapy focuses on lower feet, hands, neck, shoulders, upper back and head - areas which are connected with nervous and energetic systems. It reduces swelling and stiffness. It also promotes energy for both internal and external body -  including soul and mental states.


Other Treatments

Facial Massage with Mask

This is very relaxing massage, good for eyes, ears and nose. It also works to prevent headaches. We use medical oil and mask, which are not only nourishing surface of skin, but goes beneath the skin. It joins with blood stream and releases toxins from the face. The treatment is a popular method of relaxing and skin care for many women from ancient time till present.

Facial Oil Cleansing

It purifies and rebalances natural oils on the face. It is gentle and relaxing. After massage we steam facial skin in an effective way to release dead cells, skin and pimples etc. It is good for eyes, nose and ears.

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is to cure internal organs and physical problems. Pressure points on the specific areas of feet correspond with every part of the body. It promotes comfortable sleep, general wellness, pleasure and improves blood circulation.

Prenatal massage

The treatment helps lower back, neck pain and chronic headaches. It promotes revitalization and reduces swelling from back, neck, shoulders and nourishes abdominal muscles. It also benefits blood circulation, solar system and mental state which makes the easier delivery and is good for the baby.

Special Offer - Lhamo Massage

This treatment is a combination of Indian and Tibetan massage. Its aim is a complete relaxation and detoxification. We choose the tops techniques from the two ancient massage traditions, which recharge the body and built healthy muscles. It is a holistic treatment, which clarifies mental and physical states. We massage head to feet including face with high quality of oils.