Thai Treatment

 Traditional Thai Massage

This massage originated in India over 2500 years ago. It is a deep tissue massage. The theoretical basis for this style of bodywork is the existence of the “energy body”, which includes energy lines, through which life force flows. Through compressions, pressure on specific points and stretches to release blockages, a free flow of energy is restored. This massage is not using oil or lotion. The massage is a blend acupressure, energy work, and gentle yoga stretches. A client wears comfortable clothing and lies on the floor on a soft mat. Benefits from a session include: releasing tight joints, stretching muscles, increasing range of motion, and reducing stress.

Back and Head Massage

It removes pain and stiff from back, shoulders and head. The therapy vitalizes those upper body and it transfers entire physical system. It is quite strong and straitening without using oil.

Thai Oil Relaxing Massage

This is combination of traditional Thai and natural relaxing massage. It is gentle and  good for any physical disorder and pain. We start from back of feet up to back let energy freely move around the body and we use top quality oils according body's situation, which nourishes your skin.

Thai Herbal Massage

This is very popular health care method in many countries in Asia. It addresses specific area problems such as knots, which are caused by low body temperature, poor circulation and cold environment for instance. We use small hot herbal packets combined with a gentle massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an ancient way of healing problematic areas such as lower back and upper back pain. It is similar as herbal massage, but this treatment polishes skin with hot stones (in medical oil) and puts stones in the line of same places for 2-3 minutes where nerves and energy flow. It releases the pain, stiffness.