Indian Treatment

Ayurvedic massage

These massage techniques form a part of Ayurveda - the ancient (more than 5000 year old) Indian system of mind-body medicine that aims to reestablish the body's natural balance by restoring and preserving physical, emotional and spiritual health. Ayurvedic massage focuses on balancing and promoting the flow of life energy through the body by manipulation of the body's energy centers. Like other forms of massage, Ayurvedic massage also promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing stiffness and stimulating the function of the internal organs.

Ayurvedic FOUR Hands Massage

This is the most relaxing and pleasant treatment. Two therapists work together to unblock vessels and tendon knots, while opening energetic channels. You can feel unlimited pleasure or unique motion, which you have never experienced.

Ayurvedic Back Massage

Back is very important from the rest of body which cares signals from brain to external and internal organs. Meanly both mental or physic works are created by back and it causes back suffering. This technique unblocks blood channels and restores healthy muscles on the back.

Head Massage

It restores energy back to the head and reduces any kind of head diseases such as migraines. It is good for eyes and nasal area. We use Ayurvedic hair oil which stimulates hair, fights with dandruff.